Microneedling og sol

Kan Microneedling og sol kombineres? Er det farligt at få Microneedling om sommeren? Hvor lang tid skal der gå før man tager sol efter en Microneedling behandling? Få svarene her.

Microneedling og sol

Nogle klinikker vælger at stoppe med Microneedling behandling allerede her i april p.g.a. solens styrke. Andre mener ikke der er problemer.

Vi har ringet rundt og spurgt flere, for at finde ud af, hvorfra solforskrækkelsen kommer. Og det har givet forskellige resultater.
Et problem er, at der ikke findes mange hudlæger eller hudspecialister, som i praksis kender til behandlingen. En sygeplejerske som kender behandlingen godt, har udtalt, at der ikke skulle være større problemer med Microneedling end med andre ansigtsbehandlinger om sommeren. Der skal selvfølgelig et godt solfilter på.

For at finde svar hos hudlæger og specialister, som arbejder med Microneedling til daglig OG som arbejder i områder med sol (stort set hele året), har vi tjekket en amerikansk portal, hvor man kan stille spørgsmål til læger om specifikke spørgsmål, Realself.com.

Her følger en række specifikke spørgsmål og svar på netop denne problemstilling. Og vores konklusion er, at der ikke er nogen grund til at stoppe med Microneedling behandling, med mindre klienten kort tid efter behandlingen rejser på ferie Caribien.

Or is better to just stop either treatment in Chicago summer due to more intense sun exposure. Work indoors 5 days a week and use physical sunscreen spf 30 or higher when outdoors. Treatments are for restoring collagen due to old acne scars. Much progress has been made and don’t want to lose any momentum in the skin rebuilding itself. Last Palomar 1540 laser treatment was 2 days ago.

Svar 1:
My practice is in Southern California where the sun shines year round, and the downtime is something to consider in those hotter months and outdoor summer plans.With both procedures it is very important to protect your skin from the sun and give yourself time to heal.

Both fractional lasers and microneedling create micro-injuries that promote skin healing and repair which in turn generates new collagen. Both are excellent for treatment conditions such as acne scars. Fractional lasers use light energy to produce this injury, and microneedling utilizes a more mechanical method instead.

The downtime for the Palomar 1540  is 10-14 days, compared to microneedling which is 4-7 days. Using PRP with your microneedling will speed up the healing process. Hope this helps with your decision. Best, Dr Faraz
Patricia Faraz, MD 
Ladera Ranch OB-GYN

Svar 2:
Yes, you can switch to microneedling during the summer months as it will stimulate collagen production without making you sun sensitive. Whatever benefit you have achieved with the Palomar 1540 you will not lose by waiting longer to continue treatments. You might want to consider doing the microneedling with PRP (the so called Vampire Facial) if it is offered near you as this will further boost the collagen production.
Lisa Vuich, MD

I received a SkinPen treatment Fri morning. Sat morning I was unexpectedly needed for a sporting event. I woke up with some peeling that washed away with my gentle cleanser. Layered on 42 spf &50 spf CC cream. I wore a hat &didn’t sweat much on my face but still was in the sun for longer than I would want. I am scared of the reprocussions. I washed&moisturizered as soon as I was home. Tomorrow I plan on staying indoors for most of the day. Do you think I caused hyperpigmentation etc??

Svar 1:
There is a possibility that you may see some hyperpigmentation.  Ideally, I instruct patients to stay out of the sun for 2-3 days as you heal.  I recommend that you discuss with your provider your concerns.  He or she may prescribe a prescription-strength fading cream for prevention.
Jessica H. Kim, MD, FAAD 
Olympia Dermatologic Surgeon

Svar 2:
This is difficult to predict, but it sounds like you used adequate sun protection. I recommend following up with your Doctor for after care recommendations. I recommend prp, PDT after therapy with topically applied growth factors. I also always combine microneedling with prp and lasers to get the best outcomes. See an expert. Best, Dr. Emer
Jason Emer, MD 
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon

Should I apply sunscreen *directly after* a clear and brilliant laser procedure (like a mild fraxel restore) or microneedling procedure, before leaving the office? I’m concerned that chemicals (such as nanoparticles) could enter my bloodstream through the injury created by the laser or needling, and increase systemic absorption.

Svar 1:
After any laser procedure my nurses always apply sunscreen to the areas before the patient leaves the office; if it is at risk of being in direct sunlight.  After microneedling, we do not place sunscreen as we are usually doing it with PRP.  We recommend going home and allowing the PRP to stay on the skin of at least 4 hours.  It is best to ask your nurse or doctor what they recommend based on the exact procedure you are getting. Best of luck to you!
Shahin Fazilat, MD, FACS 
Mountain View Plastic Surgeon

Svar 2:
The risk of sun exposure after a laser treatment are poor healing and inflammation of the skin. The risk of a systemic reaction with using sunscreen after microneedling would be extremely rare. I would discuss your concerns with your Dr and create a plan for aftercare. Best, Dr. Emer
Jason Emer, MD 
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon

I got microneedling done yesterday and was driving all day after. I woke up this morning with whiteheads ALL OVER my face, specifically my cheeks and chin. My skin is skill very inflamed and rough but I heard this is normal… although it hasn’t subsided since yesterday. Could the whiteheads be caused by my pores being clogged because of using a thick cream, or is it due to sun exposure? How can I clear it up, change my routine, or will it go away on its own?

Svar 1:
Your skin is very sensitive immediately after the microneedling procedure and I would talk to your physician about which products you can use after treatment. I would not worry about the whiteheads at this point. They will resolve.
Shaun Patel, MD 
Miami Physician

Svar 2:
The period post Microneedling is very sensitive. For the first 2 days, just use Cerave. Your skin will be sensitive to products that worked fine with you so no cleasers, or skincare that contains any kind of exfoliator or acids. On the third day you can begin using sunscreen and gradually go back to your normal regimen by the 5th or 7th day.Don’t worry about the whiteheads at this point.
Justin Harper, MD 
Columbus Physician

I am planning on getting the microneedling treatment. However I am going on vacation in the Caribbean with a ton of sun exposure. Is it better to have the treatment done before or after my vacation? If I were to get the treatment done before vacation, it would be done 3 weeks before the trip.

Svar 1:
While sun exposure is never a good idea for your skin, it will not cause additional harm to the skin after a microneedling treatment.  If you are waiting 3 weeks after microneedling, you will be safe to go into the sun.  Microneedling is one skin care treatment that can be safely done on most skin types and all seasons.I hope this helps.

Jonathan Kulbersh, MD 
Charlotte Facial Plastic Surgeon

Svar 2
Depending on the procedure, I typically ask my patients to be mindful of sun exposure at least 1-2 weeks post treatment, therefore allowing three weeks before your trip should be fine.

However, unless you are doing the treatment specifically for your vacation, why not wait until you get back? The goal of microneedling is to stimulate collagen; excessive UV exposure does the opposite, and can be potentially damaging to your collagen. While a few days in the Caribbean will not completely negate the results of your treatment, personally, I would wait. This way, you can get the most out of microneedling, while not having to worry while on your trip.

Regardless of if you decide to do the treatment before or after your trip, wear a hat, apply sunblock, and don’t forget to reapply every couple of hours. And enjoy your vacation!

Nissan Pilest, MD 
Irvine Dermatologic Surgeon:

Svar 3
It is always best to do cosmetic procedures on your face when your skin isn’t tan and/or you aren’t traveling to somewhere sunny as the skin heals afterwards. If you plan to travel to the Caribbean 3 weeks after microneedling, that should be perfectly fine.
Joshua L. Fox, MD 
Long Island Dermatologic Surgeon

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